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It was apparent early on in my colour consultation with Katherine what I had been doing wrong for the last few years as it related to selecting colours in my wardrobe, how I wore my makeup and even the highlights I placed in my hair.  Colour consulting comes very naturally to Katherine. She provided excellent guidance and education on how to easily make small changes that wouldn't break the bank. Within days of making changes I started receiving compliments.

Jennifer B. - Toronto 

Style Me Solutions changed my way of looking at my wardrobe.  I am a stay-at-home mom who desperately needed a make-over.  After being at home for 15 years, I was tired of looking frumpy and wearing the wrong clothes.  Katherine to the rescue!  She immediately put me at ease with her warm and charming personality.  She's quite funny too and this helped me to be more comfortable.  What I liked most about Katherine is that she is a great listener. She asked me a lot of questions about what I liked and disliked about my current clothes, how I feel when I wear different colours and what image I wanted to project.  

Katherine is extremely professional and knowledgeable.  I now know that I am a "cool winter" and choose clothes within that colour palette.  It's amazing how wearing the right colours can drastically impact your mood, disposition, and confidence level.

I strongly recommend hiring Katherine & the  Style Me Solutions team to give your wardrobe a fresh update and help you be your best self.  Thanks Katherine for all your help and for teaching me how to choose the right colours that accentuate my skin tone and how to accessorize an outfit.  I wish I would have met you years ago!!!  

Rosemarie, Oakville

I found the colour consultation really valuable - it confirmed some things but opened my eyes to the various tones of one colour and how it could work for you or not.  Thanks Katherine for your patience in explaining what works and what doesn't.

Venice, Toronto

I reside in a rural community a few hours from the city and while beautiful, there is no shopping close by.  This typically doesn't present a problem however after some surgery I was wasn't allowed to drive for six weeks.  During this time my physiotherapist broke the news - no high heals for three months.  With an important formal engagement coming up at the end of the six week waiting period, I could honestly claim I had absolutely nothing to wear!  I called Katherine to share my dilemma and after a phone consultation, I had the perfect ensemble delivered to my door within a week.  Taking service to another level, on the day of the event Katherine came to my hotel to help me prepare - complete with jewelry options to finish off my new outfit. This amazing experience prompted me to investigate Katherine's services a bit further. 

I'm a ginger so of course I knew exactly what colours I should wear and which I needed to stay clear of.  Enter Katherine with her drapery of colours.   Not only did I discover I clearly did not know what I looked best in, I had a great time doing it.  With Katherine's guidance I learned how the right shade, of the right colour could brighten my whole face. My new mini colour pallet comes with me everywhere as I build a more complimentary wardrobe.  Seeing is believing and I highly recommend you give Katherine a call.

Mary, Collingwood

Katherine, thank you so much for your help!  The colour analysis you did for me earlier this year really changed my outlook on my personal style.  I was stuck in such a fashion rut!  Thank you for helping me recognize it and move beyond my 'safe, all black wardrobe'!  Black was just so easy, so safe, and so comfortable.  But, with your help, I realized there is a world of colour that works far better with my fair complexion. Now when I go shopping, I am seeking out the Spring colours you recommended and slowly my all black closet is coming to life!  Thanks again for your honesty, professionalism and making it such an enjoyable consultation.  All the best!  Looking forward to using your personal shopping services soon!

Trish, Milton

It had been many years since I had my colours done and I was curious to see if they had changed. Katherine did a colour analysis with me recently and they had! I was so pleased with our session. I was wearing colours that made me feel washed out and dull. When we looked at the new colour tones for me, I was thrilled. It really made a difference in brightening my look!

Katherine did a great job. She was very inclusive and professional in her approach. I appreciated the questions she asked me in order to determine what was best for me. I now have a colour swatch for shopping for clothes and accessories that will compliment me and I can eliminate what doesn't. I won't be guessing anymore.

Karon, Toronto