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About Katherine West

Katherine lives in Toronto with her husband and son. She attended the University of Western Ontario for her undergraduate degree and several years later, attended George Brown College in Toronto  to become a certified Image Consultant.  Katherine has worked in Sales and Marketing across several industries including High-Tech, Telecommunications, Travel and Publishing.

Katherine West

The Real Me

After having my child, then going back to work two years later, I realized that something was missing from my life.  Don't get me wrong, my family is everything to me, but I realized that I needed to do something just for ME.  From an early age, I remember looking at teachers in grade school knowing that they could do so much more with their style and appearance.  When I was 4, I knew I didn't want the pointy shoes, I wanted the round toed shoes.  I drove my Mother crazy shopping the malls finding the exact shoe.  It was clear.  

We all love our fashion right?  I am no exception. But I wanted to know how to apply fashion in my daily life.  I wanted to be able to feel the best I could through what I was wearing, what colours I felt good in, and how they made me feel. So after many years, I decided to go back to school to become an Image Consultant. It was a good fit.  Upon receiving my credentials, I was approached by several friends who wanted to know more about what Image Consulting was, and if I could assess their style and/or colours.  I got the bug.  I built the business, and here I am today.  It feels really good to be doing something that I enjoy, and also something that allows me to share my expertise with others.