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What is image consulting?


Image Consulting optimizes us by assessing 4 human ecology areas:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Personality
  • Lifestyle | Function
  • Fashion 

International Image Institute 

You know that feeling you get when someone compliments you on how good you look? You feel great right? Imagine feeling that way all the time. Fashion. It’s not that hard to tackle. You don’t necessarily need to get an entirely new wardrobe to make it happen. You might just need a few new cues and tips to live by to make yourself feel fantastic every day. 


Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom/Dad, a corporate executive, an ad agency sales rep, a retiree or anything in between, you have the right to feel good about yourself. Regardless of lifestyle, age or budget, you can make it happen.  Image Consulting is simply here to guide you on that journey.   

To clarify, I'm not a Stylist.  Stylists dress you based on current trends and designer outputs.  What I do is more fundamental than that.  In order to FIND your style or best fashion fit, you need to first analyze your colour palette, physical traits and personality.  

As there are many aspects to the study of Image, I prefer to focus on the following four areas: 


Colour Analysis

Style Analysis


Personal Shopping

Colour Analysis

  Colour Analysis - During a colour analysis appointment, you will be assessed for your appropriate undertone. Once that is established, your seasonal colour palette can be defined. There are four seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. You may be a combination of the seasonal palettes of which there are six, called flows. Upon completing the analysis, you will know which colours suit your skin, hair and eye colour, how to use this knowledge to then apply it to your wardrobe and future purchases. You will be provided a colour strip for easy comparison as a takeaway. Colour swatch wallets are also available for an additional fee.  Click here for details.

Style Analysis

 Style Analysis - Your style will very much be effected by your body shape, facial features, and personality.  However that doesn’t mean that your fashion choices have to be limited. During a style analysis appointment, we will assess what styles look best on you and why. Think a round neckline vs. a V neck. Do you have a round, heart or oval face, etc… It all plays a part in what looks best on you. You will receive a personalized portfolio upon completion of your analysis.

Wardrobe Assessment

 Wardrobe - During a wardrobe assessment, we will review the basic principles of Style and Colour. It is mandatory to have one or both sessions of style and colour prior to moving to a wardrobe plan. With that knowledge, we can build a plan for you, and/or we can look through your closet at your existing apparel and help you clear out items. Some customers want to do 'keep, throw away, giveaway' with their wardrobe. We can do that as well. 

Personal Shopping

 Personal Shopping - Colour and/or Style Analysis is mandatory prior to a personal shopping plan. There are three options available.  We can shop with you, for you, or simply just send you a portfolio of links from online retailers of clothing that suit you. You can take it from there. 

Image for men

Colour Analysis

man getting colour analysis

During a Colour session, we will assess your specific colour palette.  This will help you know what looks best with your skin, hair and eye colour . With this knowledge,  you will know how to eliminate items from your wardrobe, and how to purchase new pieces.  Please contact us for pricing.

Style Analysis

stylist man

During a Style Analysis, we will assess your physical features, including face and body shape, personality assessment, and the best cut of clothing for your physique.  After the assessment, you will receive a personalized portfolio summarizing the analysis. Please contact us for pricing.

Wardrobe Assessment

men's wardrobe

Provide a Wardrobe audit to assess what items best fit your personal dynamic style, body shape and seasonal colours.  A wardrobe plan will also be prepared to ensure the right functional mix for your lifestyle.  Please contact us for pricing.

Personal Shopping

man being fitted by tailor

Based on your personalized style and colour analyses which are pre-requisites, we can provide personal shopping services for simply one item or an entire wardrobe that suits you. Please contact us for further details.


men in tuxedo's

Getting married?  Formal venue or a casual beach setting?  We can assist you in reaching your goal of looking your best on your special day through a specialized Style and Wardrobe Assessment. Please contact us for further details.

New Career

men shacking hands

Yes, the old adage of "Dressing for Success" still exists.  If you are changing careers, prepping for the next big promotion, or looking for your first job, our style solutions can really help.  Packages available.  Please contact us for further details.

About SMS


About Katherine West

Katherine lives in Toronto with her husband and son. 

She attended the University of Western Ontario for her undergraduate degree and several years later, attended George Brown College in Toronto  to become a certified Image Consultant. Katherine has worked in Sales and Marketing across several industries including High-Tech, Telecommunications, Travel and Publishing.

Katherine West Style Me Solutions

The Real Me

After having my child, then going back to work two years later, I realized that something was missing from my life.  Don't get me wrong, my family is everything to me, but I realized that I needed to do something just for ME.  From an early age, I remember looking at teachers in grade school knowing that they could do so much more with their style and appearance.  When I was 4, I knew I didn't want the pointy shoes, I wanted the round toed shoes.  I drove my Mother crazy shopping the malls finding the exact shoe.  It was clear.  

We all love our fashion right?  I am no exception. But I wanted to know how to apply fashion in my daily life.  I wanted to be able to feel the best I could through what I was wearing, what colours I felt good in, and how they made me feel. So after many years, I decided to go back to school to become an Image Consultant. It was a good fit.  Upon receiving my credentials, I was approached by several friends who wanted to know more about what Image Consulting was, and if I could assess their style and/or colours.  I got the bug.  I built the business, and here I am today.  It feels really good to be doing something that I enjoy, and also something that allows me to share my expertise with others.  

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