Colour Kits

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Colour kits can be handy for when you are shopping your closet, or in store. 

  • You will be redirected to the International Image Institute for processing
  • Prices in CDN dollars

Swatch Wallets

Swatch wallets for colour analysis

  • Handbag or pocket sized plastic folder that holds 36 colour swatches of your palette

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Colour Strips

Colour strips for Colour Analysis

  • Handbag or pocket sized glossy paper strip (1.5 in x 8 inches) that presents your colour palette. (You would receive 1 for free with a colour consultation.)

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Add-on cards

Swatch wallet add-on cards for colour analysis

  • Add-on swatch cards that can be added to your swatch wallet, providing you a broader range of your colour palette

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